Principal's Desk

It was a matter of great pleasure for me when I joined this college. Having a look on the present infrastructure; I sincerely feed honoured as a principal of this renound college. Going into flashback, this college was started with only two streams i.e. Arts and Commerce and only around 200 students. But now the fulfledged picture of the college tell its own story of its journey towards excellence and development. The college is bound to fulfill the needs of surrounding community. The college is always on its path of success to inculcate moaly excellent and socialy responsible citizens for the society. To achieve this goal the college offers few technical courses and subjects along with traditional courses to catter to the needs of the economically poor students at their native place. College life is a turning points in the life of all students. Memories of college life are long cherished through the life. To make it a memorable part of life the college is always on the front to conduct various activities like debated competition, essay competition, cultural activities, N.S.S. Camp at nearby village, Rangoli and Handicraft competition, Books exhibition, Food fair, Seminars, Workships, Conference etc. Through these activities the college is always ready to put in its efforts to incalcate the hidden talent of the students and nourish it for the personality development of them. College is also bound to inspire teaching faculty for research, Major and Minor research projects and fellowships. The college feel pride to strengthen its faculty with aroma of new and updated knowledge. Taking into account the number of students admited and extention of infrastructure, the college was supposed to march towards the development. As a result we maintain very healthy atmosphere in the college by availing well furnished class rooms, laboratories, woman hostel, Indoor stadium, girls common room, students store, canteen, cycle stand, essential furniture and 32 CCTV cameras for the safety of students. The fruit of our efforts can be seen in the growing number of students admitted. I feel very produful in foreteling that this college in future no doubts will become an important modern education centre in all Arvi, Ashti and Karanja Tashsils.