Our Aims

"Vision of the institution :

‘Widening the Horizons of Knowledge’

Mission of the institution :

‘To nurture the culture of quality education and strengthen the youth to be the part of nation building movement’

Goals and Objectives

To provide education to all, especially the students from rural areas and deprived classes at minimum cost and expenditure.
To workout a strategic plan for all round development of students.
To create educational, social and cultural awareness among students from rural areas.
To develop voluntary interest in social service, welfare and to spread message of social equality.
To inculcate self service, nationalism and communal harmony.
To build capacities amongst students for employment and self employment.
To achieve all round development of personality of students.
To create interest in science and technology to make students aware of superstitions etc. through rational thinking.
To generate awareness among students regarding various competitive examinations.
To provide distance education facilities for employed and self employed learners.